Content Creation: How do I structure a video?

10 minutes

Daniel Max
Content Creation

An appetizer before the main course

Today, practitioners have a unique opportunity to serve a huge, diverse, and global audience. The question now is how do you get someone in your audience that's new and likely never met you to try something? Well, if they were a guest at dinner, you'd give them an appetizer soon after they entered your house.

For our discussion, think of your content (video or audio recordings) as the appetizer and your live sessions (1-on-1 or group) as the main meal. These appetizers you're serving up are not only a way to tell your story, but also to  introduce people to your teaching style.

The aim is to give your audience a flavor of what it feels like to work with you, to find out whether or not they'd enjoy being in a room with you (digital or physical). Think of these recordings as a means to give someone a personal, in-depth, and intimate view into what it would be like to enter a practitioner-student relationship with you.

Leave them with a practice

We want to inspire viewers. But, we also want to provide them with at least one practice they can walk away with: a tool to engage, to work, to be challenged with, to develop as a skill over time. This is a good way for people to encounter the depth of your practice, to understand how it can spark growth, and to realize that mastery takes time and guidance (ideally yours). These mini-practices will also give people something to build on in further lessons with you, or something to discuss in longer courses and live sessions.

Focus on experience

As students, we often want to know every detail about a new practice. We wrestle to grasp its etymology, function, application, and overall magic. Understand that your recordings may not be the right medium to provide that, not to mention that many health & wellness practices have an esoteric nature that must be uncovered by the student instead of being explained by a practitioner through logic or intellect. We also have to be sober about what type of wisdom can be transmitted through a two-dimensional screen.

As such, these videos are also a time for you to focus on experience. If done right, the experience itself will spark a fire in the right students, such that they will be motivated to discover a practice with you over time, with diligence, respect, and a fair exchange.