A Perfect Year for Vision

5 minutes

Daniel Max

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” - John F. Kennedy

People said this year was going to be about perfect vision, including Oprah (the entertainment icon held a motivational arena tour earlier this year called 2020 Vision). Yet few of us thought “perfect vision” would mean so much change and discomfort.

Turns out, to be able to see, you have to slow down. We know this. Nature reveals this wisdom to us. It’s hard to view the bottom of a lake when there’s motion disturbing the surface from wind and waves.

While a slower rhythm is not what modern life encourages, the pandemic has arrived like an unannounced out of town guest and demanded it. And in this global slow down so much, as predicted, has come into focus – how interconnected we are, the kindness of most people, the sweeping racial change required for progress, and the economic disparity that’s been architected into the American way of life.

Sunlight has not just rained down upon society. Its infiltrated our lives at the individual level. Not a surprise, since society is the sum of all of us, on this pale blue dot, trying to make sense of what we’re doing here.  

Four months in, if asked, many of us would agree that slowing down has had its fringe benefits. People have learned how to cook, garden, read for pleasure, peacefully protest, talk to family without fighting, teach their kids, and work from home (for the lucky ones). 


Beyond such meaningful changes, this new pace of life has given us an opportunity to look deeper. Paradoxically, when we catch a glimpse of the lake bed, we are often met with more questions than answers. I call these the big questions, that we’ll be asking forever.

Where do I go from here?

Am I moving down the right path?

How should I invest my time and energy?

Which relationships are helping me?

What’s my purpose?

These questions are hard to answer. Answering them in a time when it feels like everything in the world is changing is harder to do.

The search for one’s purpose can feel a little bit like trying to spot Bigfoot in the wild. You’ve heard of people seeing this rare creature. There’s even vague descriptions of what it looks like. But, there’s no map and definitely no food delivery service out here in the woods. The good news is that nobody has to do this search alone. Why would you?

World-class athletes don’t just work with a personal trainer to perform at their highest level. They work regularly with a coordinated team of experts, including sports psychologists, scientists, coaches, nutritionists, and mentors. Why not adopt the same approach in the arena of self-development?

I’ve worked with a long list of wellness practitioners while in pursuit of seeing myself clearly over the past 4 years. What I’ve learned is that each discipline holds up a mirror to you in its own way, be it life coaching, tarot cards, Akashic records, breathwork, plant medicine, reiki, or yoga. Taken one step further, when these disciplines work in a coordinated fashion towards a common goal, the seeker begins to take strides towards what even Oprah would call 2020 vision.