Getting Started on Murmur

6 minutes

Thomas Kim
Profile Setup

Welcome to Murmur! So, you've signed up and landed on your practitioner dashboard. What now? Well, you get to decide where to start, which depends on the following question -- which one of these statements best describes you?

  • I want to host recordings of my practice on Murmur and drive bookings to live sessions (1-on-1, group).
  • I only want to host recordings of my practice on Murmur.

Whatever your answer is, let's start with the fundamentals of setting up the most important things on your dashboard.

Set up payments

On Murmur, practitioner payments are processed through an integration with PayPal. Money you earn from content subscriptions and bookings will be collected by us from your clients and paid out to you twice per month.

To link your PayPal account head to account settings in your practitioner dashboard, and enter the e-mail you use to log into PayPal. That's it, voila!

Once you fill in that information, we'll automatically send money to your PayPal account that you're earning from subscriptions and session bookings. No more texting each of your clients the right payment information.

Currently, we don't support direct deposits, Stripe, or Venmo.

Add an introduction video or photo

When someone lands on your Murmur practitioner profile the first thing they'll see is your name and your introduction video or photo. This is your digital handshake, your opportunity to make your first impression. In turn,

we recommend a short, 1-minute video that will let your audience know who you are, what you do, and why you're excited to work together.

It may be impossible to meet all your clients in real life. So, this video (or photo) is your means to connect, establish common ground, and guide people to the right practice offering for them.

Not sure about what to say in your introduction video? Well, here's a few examples.