Setting up subscriptions only

5 minutes

Thomas Kim
Profile Setup

In the "subscriptions" tab, you can get an overview of your monthly subscription revenue and see what your monthly and annual prices are, as well as a list of your subscribers. We also have analytics tools on the way, which will help you understand how your audience are engaging with the practices that you're sharing.

By clicking on "edit prices" in the top right, you can start the set up process for your subscriptions.

Once you enter a monthly price, we'll automatically fill in an annual price for your subscription. Also, if you'd like to incentivize supporters to pay for a year upfront, you can offer a tailored discount for those who do.

Upload content

From the "content" tab, you can manage all your content and add, change, or delete existing audio or video recordings. When you click "add content" you will be sent to the upload page which we'll cover below.

Content title

Use a short and sweet name that gives insight into what your recording's about.


Select whether the recording you're uploading will be free or require a paid subscription for viewing. We recommend having a few free videos that people can watch and get to know you with prior to a subscription.

Type of practice

This is how you'd categorize your practice, which also helps us organize and make your recordings available to new people browsing the content library.

Edit thumbnail

Add a cover image to your recording here. You can use something from your own photo library or a stock image from Unsplash (type in a keyword relevant to your practice). Unsplash provides high-quality, royalty free images so you don't have to worry copyright or poor pixel quality.

Content description

Add a text description of your recording that provides viewers with more background information than the title. Have fun with it and leave folks wanting more.

Upload file

Well, this is where you upload your recording. Was it overkill that we included this? 

If you aren't done yet but have to step away, just click "Save as draft" and your progress will be saved. Come back and edit anytime. Once you're ready to launch just hit publish and shazaam! All of your subscribers will get a notification that a new recording is now available for them.